New item/part (New)

Control type CNC
Year of manufacturing 2015
Operating hours n.s.
Price (net) €740 net
Dimensions 300x300x15
Weight 1 kg
Location Haiger

Bosch PSU for Amplifier

TR 10, TR 15, TR 20, TR 25 ( 038035 ) inkl. 1 Jahr Garantie

Exchangeprice 740,-€

without Exchange 875,-€

Features of our PCB are

- A new built up PCB with technology SMD (No PCB revised for many years)
- Where it was possible electrolytic capacitors were substituted with ceramics
- Components for repair the next decades available
- Newer and more efficient components.

-Doubling of the source capacity
-Less warm development etc.

Their advantages are

-Cost reduction on a minimum
-The newest technology in the usual control
-Spare part availability the next decades guaranteed
-No consequential costs by decades old repaired PCB

Contact person:

Herr Mario Wurm
 Phone: +49 2773 745993
 Mobil: +49 172 8016125

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