Used machine (very good)

Control type n.s.
Year of manufacturing 1992
Operating hours n.s.
Price (net) €25,000 net
Dimensions n.s.
Weight 3150 kg
Location Haiger

CNC EDM Agie (Swizerland) for the toolmakers

  • Generatorpower 60 Ampere
  • Table 800x630mm
  • Travel 500x350x500mm
  • Control    Agiematic T Sofwarestand 1996
  • Travel    500x350x500mm/ C-Achse
  • Table  800x630mm
  • Toolchanger    14 fach
  • Electrode weight    400kg
  • Workpiece weight     1200kg
  • Motor    2,4KW
  • Machine weight.    3150kg
  • Dimension   1850x2440x3050mm

Contact person:

Herr Mario Wurm
 Phone: +49 2773 745993
 Mobil: +49 172 8016125

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